What is Collaborative Family Law?

Is the process only for divorce?

What is the difference between the collaborative process and mediation?

How is the collaborative process different from the traditional adversarial divorce process?

What kind of information and documents are available in the collaborative process negotiations?

What happens if one side or the other does not make full disclosure of their finances, or is dishonest in some way, or misuses the collaborative process to take advantage of the other party?

How do I know if it safe for me to work in the collaborative process?

Is the collaborative process the best choice for me?

My solicitor says that they settle most of their cases. How is collaborative law different from what they do when they settle cases using conventional representation?

Why is the collaborative process such an effective settlement process?

What if my spouse or partner chooses a solicitor who does not know about the collaborative process?

Why is it so important to sign on formally to the official collaborative process agreement? Why is it not possible for you to work collaboratively with the other solicitor but still go to court if the process does not work?

If I engage you as my collaborative solicitor how does my spouse find a collaborative solicitors?

How do I enlist my spouse in the process?

How long will my divorce take if I use the collaborative process?

How expensive is the collaborative process?

Is not mediation cheaper because only one neutral, instead of two solicitors, has to be paid?

How does the cost of the collaborative process compare with the cost of litigation?

How can I get further information?